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The internet never ceases to amaze me. You can sell your vehicle to someone across the country through online auctions or find out just how much your prized collection is really worth within minutes. When I was a child, the internet had just arrived and it was nothing like the vast amount of information we have at our fingertips today. I remember logging onto my dad’s bulky 1980′s computer that had a 4 bit processor and I stared into an ugly monitor’s big black screen with highlighted wording. LCDs, LEDs, and flatscreens had not yet even been imagined. You would have to wait for your modem to dial in and then you could send e-mails and have real time chats with people around the world. That was about it. DOS was very limited in what it could do and Windows had not yet been released. My mother was very

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disappointed with the technology back then. She said that she thought the internet was going to be a cyber world of information, fun facts, and scientific details, so that when you had a question you could type it in and get the answer right away. Well, today my mom could not be happier that it is effectively doing just that. She brings up our history whenever someone complains about how 15mbps is so slow and that my mother should be paying for the boost option to heighten the download and upload speeds to her wireless connection. I just laugh when I hear her trying to use computer jargon. She’s my mom, not a software developer, but people are intrigued by her experience.

As a business owner and a car enthusiast, I appreciate everything that the world wide web provides me with. I can advertise our business so that it reaches an extensive variety of potential clients and I can receive questions and then reply with answers and honest quotes all with the simple click of a button on my mouse. If I need to find out how much your vehicle weighs in order to tell you how much it is worth in metal, I simply type in the year and model, and within an instant I am presented with real numbers that we can both trust. It is amazing on so many levels.

You can use the internet to sell your junk vehicle through online classifieds or auction web sites, or you can contact us and see what we can offer you. There is no pressure to agree to our terms. If you don’t like the bid, then you don’t have to take it. We aren’t going to push you to go with us, but we will take the time to help you go over your options. You may want to take the time right now to go to a search engine and see what choices others have made. No matter which way you decide to go, the internet is still an important factor to getting the job done and I can’t imagine running my business without it.  We operate in and around Jacksonville, Fl.  Call us now for a free quote!