We give you cash for your junk vehicle, but I thought I would give you some ideas as to how to discern some noises and also some not so pleasant odors. Although engine problems are the main reason for junking a car these days, faulty transmissions come in at a close second. The obvious detail to determine that your tranny is the problem is that it skips gears, won’t go into reverse, shakes and stutters upon acceleration and won’t shift, or it makes some awful sound when you are able to shift. You don’t have to pay a mechanic hundreds of dollars to diagnose the issue, just read what I have to share or give us a call and get money for your cars in your pocket in just a few hours from now.

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First, check the fluid. It is typically light pink, but if it is dirty, it will be a dark red and that means it needs to be changed. For a manual, the recommended interval is every 30,000 miles, but for an automatic, you get twice the life out of it between changes. Take a whiff of it. If you smell something burnt, then you have an overheating problem.

Next, listen for noises. Sometimes, sounds are produced even while in neutral. Mechanical wear and tear may require replacement of some inexpensive parts. Take her out for a drive and if she slips, meaning it spontaneously pops out of gear, then you may just need to spend $30 on some shift lever seats as they have probably been worn out. While out and you begin to hear noises, we need to determine what sound is being made. Does it whine constantly as it slips? If so, you need to check the fluids and look for leaks. While idling, keep away from the brake and push down on the accelerator. If humming occurs, then you need a new pump or a pump shaft.

What if it buzzes with your foot on the brake and clutch while you have it in 1st gear? The most likely culprit is the torque converter. Now, put it back in neutral with one foot on the brake and the other very carefully raising the rpms with the gas pedal. Push the shift selector into drive and hopefully you will not hear a loud clunk. If you do, then your torque converter mounts are broken. There is one more clunk to listen for and that is when you go from idle to reverse, and then back again. Bad rubber dampers are the problem in that case. At this point, I hope you have not experienced any of these odors or issues, but keep driving. Use different styles, going fast and slow, pushing it hard and then letting it coast. If you hear rumbling or a growl like metal on metal, then there is an interior problem within your transmission. At this point, you should consult your repair manual or a mechanic.

If you aren’t mechanically inclined to do the needed repairs and you don’t want to fork out a ridiculous amount for a professional to do it for you, think about giving us a ring. We will answer the phone and make you an offer. You won’t have to worry about those squeaks, grumbles, or thumps anymore. We are quite fond of misbehaving transmissions and we will give you cash for all scrap vehicles. 904-900-4798